What movie should I choose for our valentines date?

So, this guy I am dating texted me that we should go to a movie tonight and I should pick it. I said ok only to be confronted with the devistating fact that there is absolutely nothing good out right now. Neither of us like romantic comedie, or romantic dramas, and everything else out right now is either for kids, or has bad reviews. And of course we’ve both already seen avatar. The only things I could find that looked like they’d be ok that were still out are “up in the air” and “precious”. However both these movies are supposed to be pretty depressing, especially for valentines day, and a date with a guy who seems to prefer comedies and action movies.

Is there anything I may have overlooked? What do you think we should see? Should we rent instead?

By the way we are both 20 somethings living in san francisco.

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5 Responses to “What movie should I choose for our valentines date?”

  1. Man of Ham said:

    The Book of Eli
    Its an action movie

  2. Naomi said:

    or, Dear John.

  3. DLW said:

    I would go with Up in the Air…don’t think it’s supposed to be depressing though. I’ve heard it’s a great movie…have fun!

  4. Carlos said:

    dear john

  5. Crown Royal said:

    Nothing else is good in the theaters for a date movie. “Valentine’s Day” is getting bad reviews, and looks rent worthy at best.

    I’d rent, and the first movie that I thought of, that you might not have seen is a Will Ferrell movie where he didn’t act like the man/child he usually plays…”Stranger than Fiction.” There’s a romantic side story to it, and I thought it was really good. Dustin Hoffman, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Emma Thompson are in it also.


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