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I would like to find a date for Valentines Day?

I would love to spend Valentines Day in Italy. Are there any great men out there that would like to take me there? Hope to hear back from you soon..Thanks

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5 Responses to “I would like to find a date for Valentines Day?”

  1. Hottie said:

    Keep dreaming!!

  2. clement J said:

    nope, sorry we are all booked up!!!

  3. ivinitup68 said:

    yes, look for ” victims of gold diggers dot com ” What do you think !!! ?? get lost !

  4. Christine said:

    The quest to find a valentine can be lots of fun – just consider your own personal safety, and remember that you can have lots of fun on Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t find a romantic partner!

    •STEP 1: Do something fun with a bunch of your single friends – you will almost certainly find other groups of singles wherever you end up.
    •STEP 2: Go to the supermarket and hang around the frozen foods aisle. You might find another lonely heart looking for comfort next to the Salisbury steak and frozen fish sticks.
    •STEP 3: Buy one perfect rose, and give it to the first interesting/attractive person who smiles at you.
    •STEP 4: Take yourself to a non-date type of movie – alone. You never know who you may end up sitting next to.
    •STEP 5: Sign up for a class or seminar – you may or may not meet someone interesting, but at the very least you will learn something!
    •STEP 6: Call up someone you know only as a casual acquaintance, and ask them to go out for coffee or lunch – perhaps a friendship, or even a future romance, might come from a friendly overture.
    •STEP 7: Go for a long walk with your dog, if you have one. Borrow one, if you like. Pets – the cuter the better – are great conversation starters.
    •STEP 8: Sit in a café reading an interesting or controversial book – the attractive person at the next table just might ask you a few questions about it.
    •STEP 9: Open your heart and mind to new experiences. Take yourself hang-gliding, ballroom dancing, or whatever else you have always dreamed of doing. The right person may come along when you aren’t even looking.
    Tips & Warnings
    •Be safe and trust your instincts, especially if something doesn’t feel quite right about a person you meet. Take phone numbers rather than giving out your own, if possible, and make sure that first encounters take place – and remain – in a safe public area.

  5. c said:

    yeeah right, just because your hung like a horse doesn’t mean you gotta do porn


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