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Would it be ok to give a girl a red rose on a third date? (for Valentines)?

I plan on giving a girl a red rose for Valentines day.
this will be my third time I see her by the time its Valentines day..

The first date went well… we hugged..
The second date is happening this weekend… so maybe a longer hug and kiss perhaps…
The third date will happen at Valentines Day… and I want to give her a rose on that day…

Is this ok? just a single red rose for her? with some light nice cologne on top 🙂

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4 Responses to “Would it be ok to give a girl a red rose on a third date? (for Valentines)?”

  1. Tabi B said:

    sure i dont see why not

  2. Tammy said:

    That would be perfect, if you presented her with a bunch or roses it would be too much at this stage. Hope the dates go well.

  3. WhOaMi? said:

    that sounds like a very good idea. im sure she will love it. good luck on valentine’s day! 🙂

  4. sarna_anil said:



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