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Would you go on a blind date for Valentines Day?

If you were single and set up on one…just to be able to go out that night?

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6 Responses to “Would you go on a blind date for Valentines Day?”

  1. upright n' breathin said:

    I wouldnt, I would never know when to ask ….how long they’ve been blind.

  2. justgoo said:

    I’m not that desperate!

  3. higueramark said:

    No! Too comfortable now!

  4. albedo_guy said:

    i could, only if i could bring my wife along.

  5. Doodles said:

    sure why not

  6. ღஜღPardonne Moiღஜღ said:

    That is very tricky…you might be feeling the “mood” of romance in the air and see things that normally you wouldn’t in the person. If you do, i would choose something casual and less likely to stir up emotions. Save that for a subsequent date.


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