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Should i find a date for valentines or go single?

So me n my ex of 2 yrs just broke up last month. im form Los Angeles n wanted to do something dif for valentines so i got a room in san diego n relax out there. So my two buddies were gonna go single too, but now decided to take dates. so now there tellin me to take someone too… So should i really like try n get a girl to go n spend tha weekend with me who im whatevers about… or ditch these guys, take my other friend n try n meet up some girls out there? id rather go single…

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3 Responses to “Should i find a date for valentines or go single?”

  1. Diane said:

    go single and don’t forget to mingle!

  2. GetNasty said:

    Ditch the guys, go single, that way your not pressured into looking for someone to take and you can just go and have fun and probably meet some pretty cool girls anyway

  3. KBlonde said:

    tell your friends this is a guys only trip. if they dont wanna ditch their dates then find new guys to go with you. no need to waste a weekend stuck to a girl that you dont really wanna be there with.


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