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how do i find a date for valentines day.?

im single and want a girlfriend

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9 Responses to “how do i find a date for valentines day.?”

  1. Wayne Carr said:

    hire a hooker

  2. Uni said:

    ask your friends

  3. Dollface :) said:

    Go to a club, bar, etc. Have you seen wedding crashers? great movie. Also, there are those dating sites. I’ve heard they actually work.

  4. Hellohello said:

    or you can celebrate Single’s Awareness Day with me.

  5. Jim said:

    Start making friends by texting. Works great for me! Then once you get to know each other, meet in person. Notify her ahead of time that youre just trying to find out if you guys are great for each other. If your not, just casually say that we can just be friends. If you like her, ask her to a date on valentines day! Good Luck!!

  6. betotron said:

    go to a candy store

  7. iloveyou:) said:

    Ask your friends if they know any girls.

    Or just go to the mall & go in a store like Hollister
    or American Eagle & find a random girl & “run into
    her” then pick up her clothes she dropped, & then
    tell her shes cute that would make me like a guy 🙂

    good luckkk! <3 😀

  8. Fred W said:

    go to

  9. Ezzzzz said:

    just talk to a girl any where before Valentines day, and randomly ask her out!


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