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Which movie would be the better date ” Valentines day” or “Dear John”?

Going to see one of these, I’m not sure which? Any takes on the two?

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3 Responses to “Which movie would be the better date ” Valentines day” or “Dear John”?”

  1. Dan72 said :

    Dear John

    Valentines Day has been rubbished by virtually every single critic, reviewer and film fan. Clearly a movie made purely to make money from dumb girls…Commercialised garbage.

    If you want to avoid taking them to one of the years guaranteed turkeys then avoid Valentines Day at all cost…. Golden Raspberry award nominations are a certainty!

  2. jxdawg91 said :

    I would go with “Valentines Day”. It’s a ate movie with sappy romance but it’s also funny so you and your date will be able to laugh together as well, which makes for a great date.

  3. Heather said :

    Go watch dear John. It’s the best movie


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