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Which valentines day date would be better? (look at the details)?

would having my boyfriend over and my bff and her bf over at my house and we just hang out and watch movies all nite or would going on a double date to the movie theatres be better? which do u think would be better? we’re all 13 yrs old. thanx in advance

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4 Responses to “Which valentines day date would be better? (look at the details)?”

  1. Taylor said:

    ur house its more time together

  2. t0pm0del07 said:

    ur house.. plus i think the movies r gonna be pack && sometimes they r sold out on holidayys.

  3. sammie smoothie said:

    I think it would be better if you guys hung out and watched movies at your house , because…
    1. watching movies at your house is cheaper
    2. the movies that the guys would want to watch are probably 14 A unless you wanna try and sneek in.

  4. asRalwtyvzn said:


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