What dress looks better (For Valentines Date)?

My boyfriend is going to take me to a fancy restaurant for valentines day & I had gotten this dress for Christmas and I never got the chance to wear it, so I took a picture with it on :

http://s970.photobucket.com/albums/ae181/Kelsey-Anderson/?action=view&current=KelseysDress.jpg&newest=1 (Sorry for the weird hair, I just got it cut)

but I also saw this one that I’m in love with:

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5 Responses to “What dress looks better (For Valentines Date)?”

  1. <3KPop said:

    I love both of the dresses.
    Especially the first one.
    You should use the one you never got to wear.
    Saves money. 🙂

  2. TheOrginal'sKat helper said:


  3. Mes||Bayba said:

    i love the first one=)

  4. Mitcha said:

    of thats really you..you are sooo Effin prettyy
    youd look good in either one.

  5. Juliet said:

    Both are cute. But if money is no object, I would suggest the purple one-shoulder one, because the other one is a little New Year’s Eve-esque. But I’m sure either one would look great.


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