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Is it ok to ask someone out on Valentines if It would be your first or second date.?

I know she is interested in me but we cant seem to get together but I thought Valentines would be a good time. Is that too much of a stretch to ask her out on one of the most romantic days of the year. We have been talking about going out soon, but her schedule and mine dont seem to be working. Otherwise we would have already gone out. Also any good date ideas for Valentines would be helpful too. I am just thinking dinner and a movie.

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5 Responses to “Is it ok to ask someone out on Valentines if It would be your first or second date.?”

  1. fatsausage said :

    You have to change your Priorities, rearrange or throw away your schedule and strike while the Iron is Hot.
    Do not over complicate this.

  2. CAITLIN said :

    Sure. I went on a first date on Valentine’s Day and was with the guy for 4 years after that. Dinner and a movie would be fine but check with the place you are thinking of going to. Many places require reservations of Valentine’s Day, when they wouldn’t normally require one other wise and sometimes the dress code is to a higher standard. If no reservations are required try to eat early or late. Places tend to get really crowded and you may have a long wait. Same thing with the movies. Have a few movie choices and times ready just in case things are sold out or you get stuck longer at the restuarant than anticipated.

  3. Sara C said :

    if you want to go out and have fun on v-day, go to like an ice skating rink or bowling or go karting or something that’s not so romantic but fun and cute….

  4. Miss L said :

    Go for it! Ask her soon as you can so she can put it on her schedule. She can always so no, but I think she will say a happy yes! Bring her a small bouquet of flowers so she can think of you every time she sees them after the date is over. Dinner and a movie would be a great date. And be sure you are a gentleman… nothing too forward, let her lead the way. Good luck.

  5. Matt B said :

    there’s nothing wrong with it, but I would say that it will be awkward for it being your first date…’ll see these other couples that have some history together doing their thing, and it kind of makes the comparison level go way down…. I’d say…definitely try your best to go out atleast once before Valentine’s Day, then set something up on that day to go out again, but I’d avoid the typical valentine’s day areas….Just get something simple and sweet as a gift for her, and do something little together…maybe even bring ONE rose when you pick her up.


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