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What would be a good date plan be for valentines day?

ladies help me out here. what would be romantic? fawk teddy bear, box-o-chocolate, and regular dinner and a movie ideas. those aren’t anything special .. so plz lets not go there

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4 Responses to “What would be a good date plan be for valentines day?”

  1. link said:


  2. Taylor said:

    You could rent a cabin & do the whole rose pettle thing on the table & floors. Have her favorite dinner, & dessert! then.. Plan something fun. Hope this helpsss!

  3. Cindy2 said:

    It depends on how long you’ve known the woman. Those things you mentioned are tacky. We don’t want fancy lingerie. That’s for you, not us. We’re thrilled to get jewelry or a dozen red long stemmed roses. Even a single rose if you’re on a budge will say I love you in a way that nothing else can. But do give real flowers and not fake ones. Fake flowers say your relationship is that way, too.

  4. Anita Nudderdrink said:

    volunteer at a soup kitchen together


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