Idea for outfit for Valentines Dance?

I really need a good Idea of something to wear for this years Valentines Dance, and I think the theme is hollywood. I really want to look good, pictures would be the best is you can add the link,
P.S. If you can pllleeasee tell me what I could do for my hair thatd be awesome..
My Valentines Dance is coming up & I need to know what to wear && what to do with my hair. It is formal & the theme is hollywood I believe.

Thanks :))
(Im In 6th Grade)

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4 Responses to “Idea for outfit for Valentines Dance?”

  1. Pink Princess said:

    Is this a formal? I’ll edit this.

  2. njgdramaqueen said:
  3. V said:
  4. Katie said:

    Yea either a pink or red dress works but as you know, everybody will probably be wearing that too so you can spice it up with some accessories. Deb has really cute dresses.

    Claire’s has cute accessories.

    good luck!! hope this helped and for your hair, I think you should do some sort of an updo. =]


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