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How to ask a girl out on a valentines date?

Theres this girl I want to ask out for valentines day. I know she is really on the fence with me. What is the perfect way to ask her?

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2 Responses to “How to ask a girl out on a valentines date?”

  1. Ishimaru Kenta said:

    ask whether she’s free on that day, (don’t mention about v day’s yet and the date) example. are u free on sunday or sumthing like that.. if she’s free, then u have a chance to ask her to be her valentine.. u can also be bold and straight-forwardly ask her to be ur valentine..

  2. fruitloopin said:

    say ummm…. O wanna hang out tonite or go see a movie if that special someone says no just say o HA HA HA did i say hangout i meant me and my friend are hanging out and going to see a movie


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