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Is it weird to get a girl you’ve only gone on one date with flowers for valentines?

Were not dating we’ve just gone out on one date 2 days ago. Would it be weird to get her flowers on valentines day? If not what should i put on the card. I was thinking something like. “Every girl should get flowers on valentines its like a rule or something. Happy Valentines” I just don’t want to come on to strong were still getting to no each other and I’m not sure yet if shes my type

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4 Responses to “Is it weird to get a girl you’ve only gone on one date with flowers for valentines?”

  1. e11evn said:

    no i think its sweet and beside she will really like it and it just reinforces that you are interested in her so yeah i think its a great idea!!! 🙂

  2. Bella said:

    I think that would be a great thing and no it would not be strange.

  3. Jeff L said:

    If you guys are not dating you could do some yellow roses which indicates/stands for friendship. I think she would probably think it was sweet. If you have more than friend feelings give her a dozen yellow and 1 red roses with a card and/or letter explaining why you gave her a red rose.

  4. Bizzy said:

    go on another date before Vday then if its cool yeah get her some flowers…but not roses if you’re not that in to her yet…a nice pinkish bouquet with a combo of flowers would be good. and delivery–we love other ppl (girls) seeing us get flowers!!!

    if you plan on taking her out that night you could say something like wear something that shows your legs! or wear heels tonight! or something that she may not do all the time…that will make her feel different than the usual date! she may not do it if you don’t ask though…good luck!


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