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should I get flowers for a girl on our second date on valentines day?

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30 Responses to “should I get flowers for a girl on our second date on valentines day?”

  1. Mattdude said :

    Yes, you most certainly should.

  2. mary k said :

    sure, that would be nice.

  3. Poopy said :

    Can’t hurt!

  4. Hoptoad City said :


  5. OhKatie! said :

    Yeah, why not. I think it’s sweet.

  6. sarah_b2_sweet said :

    ALways…especially if you want another date.

  7. Jennifer said :


  8. champion Wallace said :

    yes,that would be nice.

  9. L C said :

    Girls like flowers ANY TIME, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Go ahead….splurge!

  10. bill_pickernell said :

    even one flower shows u care u dont have to get her lots. one flower shows the same apreciation as a dozon.

  11. Lusty Lush said :

    yes. we LOVE flowers…no matter if its Va J J Day or not!

  12. sofagrrrl said :

    PICK her some flowers… store bought flowers are for men with no imagination

  13. DEBRA H said :

    Yes….you should have given them to her on the first

  14. TheJMeister88 said :

    Why would you ever think of doing that, especially on valentines day??

    (sarcasm alert)

  15. Kelly K said :

    I would get her something like a single blue rose or something to show that you care, but don’t do a dozen red roses. It’s too over the top for a second date.

  16. rhetoricalonetoo said :

    yes, and for any other second dates you ever have.

  17. barefoot2808 said :

    Yes because there are some really beautiful flower combos you can get for not too much and I am sure she would really appreciate it.

  18. freetobewitty said :

    every girl appreciates flowers! so, yes.

  19. autumnmoon9 said :

    that would be very nice.

  20. Opinionated said :

    What about a bud vase with a single rose?

  21. rukidding said :

    Yes! Flowers are always a good thing! I once met a guy on our first date who took a survey online about all kinds of things, including favorite color and flower. He showed up with a dozen purple tulips! I didn’t marry him, but it was one of the most romantic things anyone has ever done for me!

  22. Priceless Purity said :

    Yes! Flowers are perfect for a 2nd date…

  23. jaffacake said :

    Depends on the girl – I would love flowers whatever the occasion, but I know some who would think it was too much too soon. How romantic / sentimental is she? If you’re not sure, keep it fun and flirty – a single gerbera rather than a bouquet of roses would be good. Happy Valentines!

  24. ColeyQ123 said :

    Flowers are a great idea. Since it’s only your second date, it wouldn’t be to over board. Sounds good.

  25. dragonfirelady313 said :

    yes flowers are great for just about any occassion

    if this is just your second date though and not a valentines day during a long term relationship, then you should give something other than roses, like carnations or a mixed boquet

    red roses are for love and passion, if this is only a second date, you dont want to send the wrong messege and scare her off by accidentally professing love for her at such an early time in your relationship history

  26. pun82224 said :

    Single yellow rose would be nice

  27. Dreaming Dead said :

    How about just a single rose? Don’t go over the top with a huge bouquet, but definitely get her something!

    Eva x

  28. ashton said :

    sounds obssesive!!! so thats a NO

  29. dmz449 said :

    YES DUMMIE!!!!!!!
    Look it up in “Valentines Day For Dummies”.

    Have a Nice Night!!!!!

  30. Deb said :

    Yes! Yes!! Yes!!! Gosh, I love a man with a romantic soul!!

    Happy Valentine’s Day!!


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