How do you date a 22-year old girl? Where should I take her for Valentines day?

I’m 31. I recently met a beautiful 22-year old girl who I really like. She’s very fun to be with, full of energy, and also really into me. V-day will be our third date. I don’t think she has the attention span for a long conversation. I don’t even think she’ll appreciate a nice restaurant. She loves to talk and laugh and keep it lite. So what do we do? Where do I take her? How do I not bore her to death?

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3 Responses to “How do you date a 22-year old girl? Where should I take her for Valentines day?”

  1. dickie said:

    take her to bed!

  2. Infamous742 said:

    Mexico!!!!!! everybody likes TACOS!!!!!!!!!

  3. Amity said:

    So in a round about way you are saying she’s a bimbo? Nice one. Why date someone who can’t put a sentence together? I’m guess you are hoping to score on the third date, charming. Okay, the perfect date for the both of you would be…seeing a funny romantic comedy over popcorn, looking into each others dreamy eyes as you savior your Big Macs, oh and as in every fine dining establishment you have to follow with the chocolate sundae, then you can take her up to your closest lookout and make out. Sounds like the ideal valentines day!

    EDIT: sorry that was a bit mean. Seriously you should take her to a movie, and maybe bowling? (it does sound a little lame but you would have heaps of fun and it would be a really cute thing to do), then you could go to a restaurant/cafe. It doesn’t need to be fine dining but say a really hip little place to eat. After that you could go get a coffee and after that….xxx!


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