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I want to take this beautiful girl on a date on valentines day but don’t know what kind of restaurant?

This is my first time to really go out on a formal date. I don’t have much ideas on dating so i’m asking for your help if you could give me some tips and ideas of where we could spend are valentines day and what kind of gift would be nice of her to recieve that she’ll never forget and that we both we’ll together are company together. And the do’s and don’ts on dating..

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8 Responses to “I want to take this beautiful girl on a date on valentines day but don’t know what kind of restaurant?”

  1. 88*forever said :

    try to keep it simple, do something fun not formal, for a first date, dont go overboard and scare her off but dont think that you shouldnt make any effort either, there is a fine balance!
    Go somewhere nice for dinner, not too busy, definately not diserted, do you have a favourite resteraunt? Does she? ask her what kind of food she likes? if you are picking her up at her house, take her flowers, if you are meeting her out take a single rose as otherwise she will have too much to carry around, go for a walk afterwards, if its cold jump in a cab and go to a nice bar, keep it simple and above all stop worrying and have fun!!!! GOOD LUCK! x if you know where she works get flowers delivered to her during the day with a little note, saying happy valentines, really looking forward to this evening, see you at 8 etc, it will make her feel sooo special!

  2. sara said :

    Well, do you know what type of food she likes? You could do something like Italian, and depending where you live, you could maybe find a nice, cozy, out of the way place. It’ll probably be intimate, with candles on the table. As for a gift, how about some sort of spa package? It doesn’t have to be anything too expensive, or you could go expensive if you want, you have many options with that sort of gift. If reservations are hard to get for where you are, you could also maybe do a nice romantic “order in” type of evening. Lots of candles, soft music.. Whatever you decide to do, good luck and have a great time!

  3. Jas said :

    Go to a nice japanese restaurant if you like japanese cuisine….

  4. Pokemon addict said :

    where ever you live,take her out on the moat famous restaurant at your place.
    here’s some do’s: sweet
    2.control your temper sure you have enough money for the 2 of you
    here’s some don’ts:
    1.if you really want to have her as a your girlfriend,don’t blow your relationship if it ever happens

    well,that’s all i know,for now…. hehehe

  5. Ragged Glory said :

    Thai food is always a good bet.
    Just be yourself, women don’t like men being fake and can spot bulls*** a mile off.
    Red roses are always a good bet for Valentines, don’t try to be clever with flowers, it’s best kept simple.
    Listen to everything she says.
    Tell her that her hair looks great and make sure she knows how pleased you are to see her and be with her.
    And don’t be afraid to smile or be open about your feelings.
    And most importantly…Make sure you look smart and that you are well groomed. Shave, hair brushed, etc…

  6. George P said :

    This is kinda tricky, because it all depends on the woman. You could take her to any steak house, like Outback or Lonestar, and not look cheap. She could be satisfied with Applebees, or someplace like that. She might not like any suit and tie type place, and besides, why would you want to pay for an overpriced meal?
    Not sure where you live and what you have around you, but you could take her for a walk, or movies, or to a play or show. Just make it about what she likes, and she will be fine with whatever you are doing.
    Now, since you aren’t dating her, you could get her flowers, not red roses, that is something more for lovers, but if you can find out what her favorite flower is, buy her a dozen of those. If you have her e-mail address, send her one of those little surveys, the ones that ask questions like favorite drink, etc, but add in there her favorite flower. Its tricky and she might clue in on what you are doing, but she should appreciate the effort.

    Now, once you are out on the date, try not to be too creepy. Don’t talk about you, but also don’t let her talk just about herself. Its all about getting to know one another, so open up. Try to get her to laugh, if you keep her in a good mood, then she will probably want a second date with you. Don’t tell her your life story, though, save somethings for another date.
    Another thing is, don’t be too touchy-feely. When you are walking, don’t have your arm around her, but when you go through a door, or some place where you have to be a little closer than usual, you can put your hand on the small of her back to stay with her.
    Another thing you should do, open the door for her, including the car door. As far as other doors, don’t just do it for her, if someone else is around that is wanting to enter or exit, open it for them too.

    If you have a car, clean it out, and actually take the time to vacuum it and wash it. Its a first impression you are trying to make, and if your car is trashy, then your house is probably trashy as well, and she won’t want to be with a slob.

    Good luck

  7. Da laiker said :

    Take her to a lovely restaurant which offers all sorts of food so that you are not stuck with one particular kinds of food.Chinese buffets always have all kind and because you are not sitting all the time you have time to look at how she interacts with the public.
    If this is your first formal date i would advise you not to give her anything too memorable unless you have being friends for a while in which case a simple bracelet could do.Chocolates from ‘Hot chocolate’ could do and a bunch of flowers.

  8. Katie143 said :

    I would take her to an Italian place. If she happens to be a picky eater she will almost be guaranteed to find something there. If this relationship is newer, and by the way you worded your questions I am guessing that it is, just get her a single red rose. I wouldn’t go all out with a gift because that might be too much too soon. While you are out with her just be yourself. Listen to what she has to say and be interesting. Don’t dominate the conversation. Also, make sure you compliment something she is wearing. Us girls like that 😉


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