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First date on valentines?

Well without realizing it, I agreed to have a date with this gal I met online on Valentines day. This will be our first time meeting. I was wondering if I should bring a valentines thing just in case she brings one. I was thinking about just bringing my guitar so I can give her “the gift of song” instead of having to buy her something. Or should I get her something just in case?

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5 Responses to “First date on valentines?”

  1. T said:

    ditch the guitar she wont care, U should give her some flowers 🙂 simple but cute 🙂

  2. Joy of Jesus said:

    The gift of song is wonderful. If you are worried, pick up a card and hand write one of the songs you wrote or one you will be singing in case she gets you a card. Even if she does not – go ahead and pick up a card or just on plain paper – and write the verse you like to a song you will sing to her.

  3. vesper sky said:

    no song, it might freak her out a bit. just bring flowers or something cute like a teddy bear :]

  4. Brenden said:

    the song ideas a good idea but i wouldn’t bring the guitar with it i think its a lil much for a first date but most recommended i would bring a single red rose there only like 6 bucks and are far more romantic then a bouquet and there small and simple … 6 bucks most romantic cute thing you can get a girl score one for the bad guys… but back to the song idea maybe just make the song into a poem and after she reads it tell her it was actually a song that you made into a poem and if she wants you to sing it sing

  5. SusieQ said:

    How old are you Prince? If a minor you better clear this with your parents, because there are child molesters out there on-line pretending to be someone they are not.


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