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Can you be pregnant and not have tender breasts?

I have read “everywhere” that one of the first symptoms is tender breasts. But I have other symptoms and not that one. I am extremely tired, all day, moodiness and nausea in waves. Any advice or opinions? Oh, I am due for AF in less than a week.
I should also mention that on wednesday i had light pink/brownish spotting… tmi? Could that be implantation bleeding? Been ttc for 7 months.

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3 Responses to “Can you be pregnant and not have tender breasts?”

  1. mrs.J.stone said:

    everyone is diif. so you may not expierence tender breast..

  2. punkyngums said:

    I am almost 8 weeks and I did not experience tender breasts until about 6 weeks pregnant. Good Luck!!

  3. JuStMe said:

    Everyone is different people experience differntly I would def. go to a obgyn to see or get a test


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