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How do you feel about intimacy right now while you’re pregnant?

I feel bad because I have absolutely NO desire whatsoever. My husband has talked to me several times about it and I think “Okay…tonight I will or when the kids are sleeping” but then by the evening, I’m tired and don’t want to. I usually sleep when our 2 year old is napping. I know it is bothering my husband and I hate being neglectful. My breast hurt beyond belief and being intimate right now while I’m pregnant, I just am not feeling it. Any suggestions or thoughts?

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11 Responses to “How do you feel about intimacy right now while you’re pregnant?”

  1. Mommy Pooler said :

    I feel the same way but I try to once a week but it doesn’t always happen and night time I’m so not in the mood. First thing in the morning works the best for me, as long as we wake up before our daughter does

  2. Phantom J9 DUE 6.6.09 said :

    Set aside your feelings and take care of your man.

    My tender nipples actually get less tender when my husband turns me on….

    Once you get the train rollin’, you’ll be glad you did.

  3. Stephanie C said :

    I’m not going to lie, a few times during pregnancy I had to ‘take one for the team’ lol. Unless I was really sick. then unfortunately he got nothing. I had to play it by ear. Do not feel bad for getting your rest when you need it, but try to sneak in something if you can. Even if it’s just a little hand job (oral would have made me freakin gag in the beginning)

  4. curious said :

    I have had no desire whatsoever this entire pregnancy, but I do it anyway for his sake, we normally have sex about 3-4 times a week. I’m 41 weeks now, so we are trying to do it more than that in hope of getting this baby out!!! lol

    Just try to do it for his sake 🙂

  5. sammyyy: 31 weeks & counting! said :

    I feel the same.. i’ve no desire either 🙁
    Why not plan a romantic evening for you both? Have someone take the children for the night, so you and DH get some time to yourselves. Have a romantic candlelit dinner, snuggle up in front of a movie, have a bubble bath together.. make it “special” and you might feel differently. Hope that helps, and if you don’t feel like doing anything intimate period don’t feel bad about it – you’re going through lots of changes so you’re bound to feel different :o)

  6. Glamour D said :

    funny that you say that because being pregnant, I think i think about sex more than he does, i feel so insecure about my body because i know that being pregnant and sex isn’t something that really arouses him so…i dont totally opposite, i wish my fiance would desire me more with all my crazy hormones

  7. Jamie [ proud wife & mommy of 3] said :

    yes i know how you feel. I am pregnant with my 3rd and for my first trimesters i don’t want sex, then in my 2nd that’s all i think about and when 3rd rolls around i am back to the “ugh do i have to feeling”. But what i do to keep my husband satisfied is to make sure we do it 2x a week. And even though i don’t want to i just act like i do, by the time we get into it then i am usually into it to. So i guess my advice would be “fake it, till your enjoying it”

  8. #2 due 5/23/09 YAY! said :

    My advice is just to go ahead and do it….and you may be surprised and actually get into it once things get going….I found that to be true most times.

  9. ambermarre said :

    LOL I love that someone is in the same boat as me because I don’t even want to think about it. He hounds me every night and I try to wait until he falls asleep to go to bed so I don’t have to hear him asking me. I do feel terrible the next day and when I talk to him throughout the day he goes “yea and sex was great last night”. lol I actually gave it up yesterday and couldn’t wait for it to be over which is terrible. I don’t know how you are but you may just want to get it over it and tell him ok don’t bother me for a week now.. Mine always acts like it’s been longer then it has (he goes it’s been 1-2 weeks when its only been 2 days!)- so today I marked it on the calender that we did it yesterday and to leave me alone! He laughed and said that since he gets home before me it will be erased or he is throwing the calendar away…… Good luck & Congrats…. I am only 10 weeks and don’t think I can live with the nagging much longer… I hope that the 2nd trimester gets better as they say! : )

  10. Cherish C said :

    i’m about ready to pop and i love it can’t get enough of it. but i do understand where your coming from. i didn’t feel like having normal sex or intimacy i just wanted it to be different so maybe he is not turning you on.try something new and different. but if you still have no drive he should understand your not real feeling it .i mean your tiered all the time it might come later in the pregnancy.

  11. Olivia's Mommy said :

    You’re not alone, believe me. Once I hit 30 weeks, I didn’t want anything to do with it! Of course, I know that’s not fair to him…I toughed it out for his sake! I also knew that for about 6 weeks after she was born, we definately couldn’t do it!


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