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Who else thinks that flowers are the worst Valentines day Gift?

I informed my boyfriend today (because I found out he was getting me flowers for V-day )that flowers were stupid and a waste of money because they just die. and he got mad and asked me if he was dating a man. But you have to admit they are a silly gift.

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16 Responses to “Who else thinks that flowers are the worst Valentines day Gift?”

  1. kelly [ctfxc]™ said:

    I think you should be grateful that he thought to even give you a gift. What a selfish girlfriend.

  2. נαкє ¢нιηтzу© said:

    exactlyyy riteeeee?

    its like u just know me.

  3. jadey said:

    Nope, i like them, they make me feel special! 🙂


    if i was him i’d say “you get whatever the hell i give you”

  5. pernantes said:

    “here’s your gift … watch it die withiin the next couple weeks”

  6. ♫One Of A Kind♫™ said:


    not i!

  7. Edward C said:

    i like flowers. i think they smell lovely and they are very pretty. i think it is a nice gesture.

  8. eric idle said:

    Yes, flowers die and they’re not a very good gift, but they’re not THE worst.

  9. apchon said:

    what abt a big nothing ? you d the 1st one to yell if u had no gift …

  10. Mask of Elan said:

    They are the silliest of gifts…they die like in 2 days..and you have to keep watering them..
    I’d prefer something my boyfriend knows I like/want..a new book from my fave author, a video game I really wanted, a funky piece of jewelry..stuff like that.

  11. Emily L said:

    we may all think that, but honestly you are lucky you got anything, and the fact that he thought of this almost 2 weeks in advance probably hurts him a bit, that he was making sure he had something nice for you. i have to say im grateful to get anything at all whether its flowers, chocolate or jewelry

  12. carol p said:

    Don’t tell that to the florists as that is their money making day. I think when someone gives you something or wants to give you something and you say what you did, that’s not saying much for the giver and i understand why he feels bad. Maybe not giving you something would be better as you don’t appreciate that he cares.

  13. MBL (αℓℓ уσυ ηєє∂ ιѕ ℓσνє) said:

    Me. They’re cliche.

  14. Return of Fiddlesticks said:

    Wow your bitching over flowers, I didn’t get ANY gift……..

  15. white gravy said:

    Valentines day is for suckers really. Give someone chocolate, flowers or candy any other day of the year. I think you should be greatful he did anything as the majority of people on here would love anything even a card.

  16. SH0RTY said:

    they are beautiful you are stupid and don;t know how to be grateful


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