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Besides the normal flowers, chocolates and teddys what is a legit gift to give on Valentines Day?

So i have a really close friend that is upset she doesn’t have a boyfriend this year (first time in couple of years) to share with on Valentines Day. Al thought she has here normal guys here and there but no one really special. So whats a remember-able and appropriate gift. Something that’s not so expected or used all the time that most of her past boyfriends probably gave her.

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15 Responses to “Besides the normal flowers, chocolates and teddys what is a legit gift to give on Valentines Day?”

  1. matt r said :

    penis in the popcorn

  2. chazz said :


  3. The Burlesque Show! said :

    Something thats meaningful! Since its a friend, get something for you guys to do something fun together. Or maybe her favorite CD, video?

    The key here is being original.

    Don’t get something expensive or romantic since you guys are FRIENDS. She will take it the wrong way.

    Good luck, you sound like a great friend.

  4. Cisco Kidd said :

    edible panties

  5. Nathan H said :

    A fancy dinner where she gets to dress up.

    Pretend it’s a fancy business dinner or something.

  6. Blythe said :

    bottle of tequilla and a ticket to a donkey show?

  7. cheesebrady said :

    a book you think she’d enjoy
    a beading loom (fun)
    a gift card for a doughnut shop
    a toaster (to make toast)

  8. l0c_ur_d00rs_im_g0ing_t0_rape_u said :

    Take pictures of street name signs (Broadway, 1st St, etc) and then cut them (not on a computer) and paste them to some posterboard to spell out ‘Happy Valentine 2009’ or something.

  9. KnateMX said :

    make her a mix tape of her favorite songs. not a cd…a cassette tape. including songs about friendship.

  10. James B said :

    Sing a love a song to her even if you suck at singing. Play her a favorite love song and sing along with the music. It will make her laugh and it will melt her heart.

  11. SHANA said :

    really nice of you to be considerate.

    since your Friends get her some thing simple. i would say don’t buy jewelry as she might think there is something happening here unless the piece of jewelry is like a friendship ring.

    get her nice bottle of wine ( if she is an adult) or go to a dinner with a bunch of Friends ..

    if you have no interest in her at all other than friendship then don’t tend to focus only on her when your with a group of Friends.

    you can also get her a voucher from a shop that would be really nice. add in a note happy valentines day my friend something to cheer you up!! somethig simple and yet open.

  12. happinomad said :

    Ok she’s your friend bla bla bla but you like her. You want to stand out but you don’t want to look unoriginal. You have give her something intimate but not sappy. What is her passion? Relate to her through her passion and you may not stay in the friend zone for long.

  13. seksiangel69 said :

    well, a nice fancy dinner where she can get all dressed up, nice makeup, shoes/purse *go out/ or cook her a meal* go to a movie or rent one and stay in. If you want to buy her a gift too, a pretty bracelet, or a pair or earrings or necklace would be nice. doesn’t have to be diamonds, but thats an appropriate gift. 🙂

  14. Cheese Queen Forever said :

    grab ur fave pic of u and her together as friends, and then go have a portrait artist draw it and paint it, then have it put in a really nice sculpted picture frame. give her a card that says “no matter who u marry someday, i hope i’ll always be number 1 in ur heart” she will love it and go gaga! u sound like a super awesome friend. shes lucky to have u.

  15. MiCheLLe said :

    Make lil “coupons” out of a piece of paper like one said like free back massage the other said like ” ill clean your room” ” ill make dinner for you” ect. Whatever you think they will like/enjoy.


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