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Does anyone else find flowers to be a useless valentines gift?

i’d throw a fit if my husband spent our money on something that dies in 1-2 weeks.

but that’s just me.
Yeah, I’m adult and don’t need to have my husband spend money to prove he loves me… I know he does. Now paying a bill? that’s the kind of thing that says I am a man and I love you.

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6 Responses to “Does anyone else find flowers to be a useless valentines gift?”

  1. Eileen ~ Betting on Alice said :

    I think they are pretty but they die too quick

  2. Black Steve said :

    I agree how bout’ a new computer or a new camera? Or you could just get those fake flowers.

  3. The only girl in the village said :

    Can’t you look past the cost just for Valentine’s Day and enjoy the beauty they represent?

  4. Into your arms... said :

    they are very pretty and show how much they love you. my mom can remember every guy who got her flowers. it just shows there romantic and are willing to spend $60 to make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside so no i dont find they useless.

  5. ♥Allison♥ said :

    Yeah they’re gonna die so who cares

  6. Niepytaj said :

    I agree. It’s a big waste of money.


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