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What is the worst valentines gift you have ever been given?

What is the most insulting or funniest gift you have ever received.

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3 Responses to “What is the worst valentines gift you have ever been given?”

  1. S. said:

    When i received “nothing”!

  2. rockin said:

    I once flew to a different state to meet a girl I met in a chatroom for Valentine’s Day. We were both single, and decided it would be an adventurous fling. She had sent photos of herself, and she looked pretty good. Little did I know when I arrived that the photos were old, and that she had gained about 75 lbs. So…I guess the funniest gift I ever received for Valentine’s was the shocking kiss on the neck from a fat girl at the airport that nearly sent me running to get back on the first plane home.

  3. Wantstoknow75 said:

    When an ex didn’t do anything for me, cause he took someone else out when he said he had to work. Funny thing was how I caught them. My best friend & I decided to hang out & spend the day together. We went out to eat & just so happened that my ex was there with his date.


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