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what is the worst valentines day gift you have gotten?

Now my husband had brought some good things and some things that I don’t think he should have gotten, which is and was a wast of money. I love my husband dearly, I just don’t know why the always wait until the last minute? I guess that’s a guy thing.

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4 Responses to “what is the worst valentines day gift you have gotten?”

  1. DuckyMcQuackers said:

    a breakup

  2. Oliver said:

    nothing 🙁

  3. JOHN said:

    Nothing. what can be worse than that?

  4. bmw0808 said:

    I had a boy break up with me b4 valentines day because he was too cheap to get me anything, then wanted to get back together a week later..haha ..he was a loser..


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