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valentines day gift ideas in india , sending flowers to valentine?

how do i send flowers on a valentine in delhi , also want to know if they deliver in mumbai , pune , hyderabad, bangalore and chennai. i heard of and are great for valentines day gifts , also herad they have heart shaped cakes.

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5 Responses to “valentines day gift ideas in india , sending flowers to valentine?”

  1. Saideep R said:

    yes i got the answer is the place for right valentine’s day gifts to india they deliver it to delhi , mumbai , bangalore , hyderabad , chennai , pune and all other parts of the country also check another great site and if you want state specific look at options like , , www. , , , www. , and if you are looking for deals look at and or

  2. Apple said:

    I suggest Valentine day’s e-Card.
    Get together a bundle of your cute picutures and design an e-Card with sweet sayings to send him via email/msn.
    Learn how to make a Valentine day’s e-Card:

    There is a lot of photo collage & digital scrapbooking tools, you can design the e-card in person for your honey. photo collage & digital scrapbooking is an art style, you can assemble the still photos into an artistic compilation! With different pic order, you can also show different feeling. Take it seriously, and you will DIY the e-card that make boyfriend’s heart happy.

    Learn more about photo collage & digital scrapbooking ideas:

  3. amit k said:

    Hi, you can see the link for some good valentine gifts to india. is a 12 year old website which send gifts all over india in over 250 cities. I have heart that they have good customer service also.

    Hope this helps

  4. amit v said:

    You can also try, is an online gift shop that helps you prepare and spread the joy of festivities and occasions to those who you care for most. Shop in the comfort of your home and find the best gift for the current and upcoming festivals and occasions, 2010 like: ‘Valentine’.

  5. JR said:

    There are a lot of options to send flowers and gifts to india. You can check these options –

    Valentine Deals and Offers –'s%20Day%20|%2014th%20Feb%20|%20Sales%20|%20Deals%20|%20offers


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