Valentines day gift ideas for my fiance?

I purchased her some diamond earings last valentines day and the one before that i got her a ring (not her engagement ring) this year i ddon’tknow if i want to get her jewelry. Any ideas?

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  1. Dionysis Burgandy said:

    Do something truly meaningful to her. I find most women feel buying them jewelry is offensive on valentines day. It should be an expression of your love, not a annual payment for services. Try planning a romantic evening, one that would prove chivalry is not dead. If that fails you could always buy her off for another year with a diamond tennis bracelet.

  2. dar lee said:
  3. Laura Cowler said:

    a fair ivy surprise package subscription? She’ll get surprise packages once a month, it’s really fun and sweet. My bf got them for me and it felt like he was giving me a new gift every month 🙂

  4. Jean Lama said:

    Be creative! Try something unique, something that has long lasting effect…such as art gift.

  5. Samantha Rose said:

    Here’s my advice, you yourself alone and how you treat her each and every day is a fantastic gift to her. But on a tangible side of things, you may consider giving her a Pearl Jewelry, as one said “The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens”. You may check the link below, I believe they will be having a Valentine discount this coming February. Check them out and maybe found something gorgeous for your woman. Good Luck!

  6. October 2011 Bride said:

    gift card to a day spa she goes to
    her wedding band (if you know which one she wants)
    box of chocolates
    tickets to a movie or music concert that she wants to see
    coach or channel purse
    gift card to the mall

    or you can take her out to eat her favorite restruant or a fancy restruant and then go see a movie…..or ask her if theres anything she wants. Notice if she has been looking at something a lot lately, either in a magazine she reads, jc pennys or kohls ads, etc….

  7. Pinky said:

    This site has really cute Valentine’s Day gourment cookie gift boxes: : )

  8. John Smith said:

    How about a watch, they always make nice gifts. Try

  9. Suzan Frankfurt said:

    You can find hundreds of unique gift ideas here


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