Its our first valentines and I have no idea what to get him. Can you help?

We have been together for 5mts on the 25 of January. I am 17 and he is 15 about to turn 16. He races cars and loves country stuff. Loves anything with racecars and chocolate. That is really all I can think of.

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2 Responses to “Its our first valentines and I have no idea what to get him. Can you help?”

  1. jilltice9300 said:

    Get him a sponsorship…find a local business interested in sponsoring his race car…that will help him soooo much and he would love it!

  2. May I help You? said:

    Yes. A lunch date with YOU!
    You pay for the lunch – perhaps on a Saturday afternoon.

    Make him a card – ok, you may cheat by going to the card section of the store and get great ideas. Guys don’t admit it but they never get “handmade” cards – just for them.

    Now if you have any money left over (because you might get a new dress for this occasion), get him a small present – yes very small – like candy – you know those little hearts with those “sayings” on them like ‘kiss me’, etc.

    Ask him to dress up – and take him to a nice restaurant but make sure it’s a place where the two of you will be comfortable.

    Now – for you – Show up wearing that spectacular dress that you look – so great, fine and awesome in.
    Wear those stockings, nice jewlery, nice earrrings, and great perfume (if you can get pheromone – which has a different scent on everyone).
    Do your nails and makeup – again you will look so fine!

    Don’t tell him where you’re going – unless he’s the kind that has to know.

    Send him an electronic email card –
    free electronic cards – – or other site.
    – and write your invitation to the lunch with his special girl
    as you personalize this electronic greeting card.

    You will be described as “AMAZING” and be remembered by him “and to his friends as he will brag about what you did for him for the rest of your life. His friends will be jealous if their “girls” don’t do anything special.

    p.s. – don’t ever tell him that the idea came from online, it’s just between us girls!

    GOD bless us one and all, always.
    MBA-Boston Univ.


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