first date on valentines day :/ help?

this guy i have been talking to lately asked me out on a date for valentines day to see dear john at the movies then go out to eat after. this will be my first date ever. hes a senior and im a what should i do do i pay for my ticket and food or assume he will or what? i have no clue how it all works hahah. and also im pretty nervous any tips for relaxing and not being way too nervous about it? thanks for the help..

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6 Responses to “first date on valentines day :/ help?”

  1. Larry said:

    He ask you out so I am thinking he will pay for everything. But you never no so take some money just in case, he does not no what a Date is suppose to be. Other then that there is no special way to act just be your self around him, and things will work out fine. Have a good time.

  2. Kara said:

    bring money & when u guys are about to pay for the ticket , be like how much is it , nd start getting the money out . if hes paying for you , he will say “oh its okay i got it , ” then you say “oh no its okay ” then hes gunna wind up paying anyways .
    then say thanx & at dinner do the same thing .

    tips :
    just calm down – your heart will probaly be beating really fast nd you will probaly get butterflies , but think of him as just another person .
    be cute but not over the top & keep a conversation going unless he wants to nmakeout .lol . things will probaly get quiet alot & seem akward but dont get to nervous ! gooood luck =]

  3. Tami said:

    Bring money. You never know if the dude is going to be nice and pay for tickets and drinks/food.

    Wear your normal school clothes, nothing fancy.

    Breathe slowlyyyy. Try to talk to yourself to calm down.

    Just think of it as a small hang-out with your friends and be natural.

    Don’t try to hard to start a conversation.

    Comment on the video and talk to him about it. Don’t talk to much, or be too quiet.

    Laugh a lot.

    Play little games with him in the movie theater like throwing candy into each others mouths.

    Idk if that helped!

  4. Christina said:

    bring some money, just in case… let him go up to the ticket both first and if he says “one for dear john” then whip out your money, if he says two, then say “oh thank you so much you didnt have to do that!”

    as far as relaxing, just take a deep breath, and have confidence in yourself, and everything will go very good! make eye contact, just not too much!!! smile, and just be yourself

  5. Kaylee said:

    just bring money just in case. I don’t think he will make u pay, but just to b safe. & also in the movie, if yall bought a drink, take his by accident & say oopps srry. LOL. Then let him make the move. If he puts his arm round u put ur head on his shoulder. Just act natural.

  6. Just go out dates said:


    I would say that you should bring a little money just in case. But remember, you were asked out for Valentine’s day so as a male, your date should be expecting to pay.

    At the end of the dinner, simply wait for the bill. When the bill comes ask your date “how much do I pay for my food?” This is an easy way to avoid awkward tension and any kind of discomfort that you may feel.

    As far as the nerves go, just relax! Nerves are terrible and are something that are never going to go away as you continue in your dating life. You need some confidence so remember that he did in fact ask you out so he is interested to some level :). The nerves will also go away when you engage in conversation so listen to him and let him listen to you.

    Good luck and you will have a great time 🙂


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