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if you got this in a valentine card what would you be thinking?

”if i was a flower growing wild and free,
you would be my sweet honey be.”

i was just browsing in the shops reading some of the cards and i saw this one that said that i was just wondering what you all think!!

is it creepy or cute??
sorry i meant bee not be my mistake!!

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14 Responses to “if you got this in a valentine card what would you be thinking?”

  1. Sir Richard said:

    I’d be thinking I’d send it to someone illiterate that I didn’t like.
    It would freak them out.

  2. Beamer said:

    its cute..isn’t that from one of the songs in juno?

  3. mohammed sniper said:

    i want to eat who write this

  4. ~*Smiley Girl*~ said:

    it’s a bit weird, quite hippy 🙂
    so id be a bit creeped out

  5. DRAGON said:

    I would be more disturbed that they left the extra “e” in bee. Unless, it was meant to be that way in which case it sounds lame.

    DRAGON 2012
    “Great fortune for U.S.”

  6. Goat Ropers said:

    Sounds pretty lame.

    Plus, “bee” is misspelled.

  7. Ho'omaluhia said:

    kinda cute…but lame

  8. Anraskal said:

    Bad writers often think the images they create are poetic when they’re really meaningless: your card is exhibit A for meaninglessness. Neither creepy or cute, it’s meaningless.

  9. Manny said:

    it cute!!

  10. foxychick said:

    sounds like we need another shakespeare, all the good poets are dying out. a 3 year old could write that. it’s not creepy, it’s just stupid.

  11. Smile.ツ MARRIEDScooby Snacks☆=) said:

    Hey that’s from a song called All I Want Is You. Its sooo cute!! =)

  12. Dartagnan Pluck vol.2 said:

    it would have to be sent by a woman to a man, for obvious reasons. But then it sounds really suggestive, which I guess is ok.

  13. green_day _are_ best™ said:

    Personally, I think it’s a little tacky but it’s the meaning of why they sent the card that I like, lawl

  14. lmf7000 said:

    Nobody seems to see the pun in the words.

    Here’s a hint: what do bees do to the flowers (think transfer of nectar)?


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