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If Michael Jackson was alive today,do you think he would have sent Macaulay Culkin a Valentine card yesterday?

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18 Responses to “If Michael Jackson was alive today,do you think he would have sent Macaulay Culkin a Valentine card yesterday?”


    ART!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s been far too long, man! I bet he would have sent a lot of people valentines *wink*

  2. michael jacksons princess said:

    are you trying to be gay?

  3. Elegance; Who's bad? {Hurt} said:

    Nice little joke.

    No, I don’t think so. Macauley may have received a card from Mila Kunis.

  4. dirty diana ♥ little monster. said:

    Wow, you are back. It’s been long, eh?

    Probably not, he didn’t like Macaulay in that way.

  5. Rachel (2010) said:


    did you enjoy being alone on Valentines day?

  6. Its Just Cassie. said:

    yes… SOOOOOOOOOOO?!?!?! do you think im weird cuz i sent a valentine to my little neighbor who is three and im 13?! no probably not. theres nothing wrong with that.

  7. Interstellar Overdrive said:

    ART Where the fu*k have you been? We missed you!

  8. Whatzupwitu?! MJJ♥ said:

    Me and my friends send eachother valentines cards as a NICE GESTURE.
    Not in that way your thinking of

    so who cares if he would’ve sent a valentines card to him or not.

  9. 2bad said:

    oh go away haters!!!

  10. Richard Simmons in a Speedo said:

    No. Culkin is too old.

  11. summer HATERS were way better. said:

    look who’s back.

    guess this is just a chance for me to collect more points.

  12. Bella4You said:

    Nope. Because he’s older than a prepubescent child.

  13. Sarah Vee said:

    i bet you got zero cards yesterday and thats why youre asking this.

  14. TheGrandOnion said:

    Nah, Mac’s too ‘old’ >:)

  15. Michaeljackson#1fan said:

    hmm i guess no because he might have changed

  16. truth said:

    Yes. It’s good to see you back. I enjoy your questions and answers

  17. Loo_Blink said:

    Him the jonas brothers etc etc.


  18. ╔ᴥᵯᵾᵴᵼᴄ ᴍᴧɴᴉᴀᴄᴥ╗ said:

    Its been a while since u made a question!!!

    but probably not since Michael likes boys. Not a chick with a d*ck


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