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Would you give your crush a valentine card?

the cute small ones that were given in elementary school
btw I’m 17 & he’s 19
yes or no
& do what do you guys think he’ll feel about the valentine
(he knows I like him but he doesn’t like me that way)

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3 Responses to “Would you give your crush a valentine card?”

  1. siri said :

    no! way

  2. The cowardly lion said :

    You should give him an anonymous valentine
    That way even if he doesn’t like you, you still feel good about giving him a valentine 🙂

  3. Lilou E said :

    Don’t. Just imagine a guy that you don’t really like but who likes you very much giving you a Valentine’s card… how would you feel? a kind of embarrassed/ sorry (I don’t know, I’m just saying) for him, right?


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