what should i do with this valentine card?

i really want to get this guy i like an anonymous valentines card, but he doesn’t know i like him though so i’m wondering over whether to write a poem or not or would it be too extreme aha?


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3 Responses to “what should i do with this valentine card?”

  1. $RAni said:

    yeah, why not? But keep the poem simple.

  2. yahans A said:

    whatever u do, dont send it anonymously. if you like him let him know it. things may work better than u expect. and den if he doesnt like you you can let him go and move on. if you send it anonymously if he ever comes to know he’ll think u were a coward. guys dont appreciate poems. tell him on the face. best thing to do. he’ll fall 4 u… gud luck

  3. Forosw said:
  4. sportgrady said:


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