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should u give a guy u like a card of valentine expresing you’re luv 2 him?

i think i should
give him a valentine card
but not sure if he migth like me

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9 Responses to “should u give a guy u like a card of valentine expresing you’re luv 2 him?”

  1. rhapsodizingmoments said:

    It is better to try and fail than to never try at all.

  2. ladyhawk said:

    You just answered your own question.

  3. babyLie said:

    Why not??? He won’t hurt you if you will give him a card, right? instead, he will be happy because you care…Go ahead, there’s nothing wrong with your idea.

  4. hermosa said:

    saying you love him maybe going to far. unless you both are in love. give him a card whats the worst that could happen. he say thanks

  5. evenflow said:

    Sure go 4 it!!!!!

  6. hdchackz said:

    Give him the card life is to short. Who cairs if you’re right or worng. It’s better to find out now then latter.

  7. manky said:

    why not me? im hot and on the varsity baseball team.

  8. Alina said:

    Not all cards have to say I love you. You can give him a card with a message that isn’t as strong.

  9. makepeacenotwar33 said:

    Coming from a guy, i believe you should truly weigh out your relationship with him, don’t overdo it, it’ll scare him away, just discretely say how you feel for him.


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