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what r some good valentine card topics a 11-12 year old GIRL should get for her class on valentines day?

valentines day is almost here! just one problem, whats a good topic for valentines day cards a 11-12 year old girl should get for her class? i/she dont/doesnt want like barbie, dora, pirates of the carribean, hot wheels, blues clues, rug rats, minnie/mickey mouse, children-y stuff like that. the only one i have in my head is tweety but EVERYONE gets tweety.. im not printing out any cards, i want to buy it at the mall. plz give me as much ideas/topics as possible. best answer gets 10 pts ^-^
hmm.. i sorta want something the guys AND girls would like. i dont think the guys would like tinkerbell x]

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5 Responses to “what r some good valentine card topics a 11-12 year old GIRL should get for her class on valentines day?”

  1. woah baby said :

    um. find something that you really like. although your older you can still get dora and stuff last year i was 12 and i really loved tinkerbell so i got tinkerbell cards. everyone loved them! be creative. it always helped.

  2. Alyssa said :

    charlie brown?
    a superhero of some kind?
    hannah montana?

    It’s hard to think like a 12 year old now days.

  3. Kat said :

    Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana, Coraline, Madagascar, Batman..

  4. i love u lots like tator tots ha said :

    umm… im 13 and I got the kidish ones i got spiderman, cookie monster, and Dora. Spiderman bcaz hes hott lol and caz i have a spiderman binders folders and stickers!! dORA CAZ i USED TO SAY shes my mexican whore and cookie monster bcaz they wont be here next year caz now its veggie monster. you could get those animal funny cards thoughs are always kewl but most are little kidish. It’s up to u tho.

  5. ♥Guess my name♥ said :

    you should get everyone the DOG COLLECTION cards. they dont distinct between boys or girls. And they’re adorable.


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