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Last year i sent a girl a valentine card. Now we are just friends. Should i send one again?

Last things vetween us were really good. We are still friends now, and havn’t fallen out but have talked a lot and agreed that we are good friends and no more. I dont know whether to send a card this year….If i do will she take it the wrong way and think i still have feelings for her and if i dont she might take that the wrong way too… Any thoughts?

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3 Responses to “Last year i sent a girl a valentine card. Now we are just friends. Should i send one again?”

  1. Sweet n Sour said:

    You just make it clear by the card you send – funny or cute, not mushy or romantic – and also by what you write in it – “I’m glad we’re friends” “I value our friendship” “You are a great friend” – that you know you are just friends.

    It’s a nice gesture, and will make her feel happy and non uncomfortable as long as you do it in the right spirit.

  2. xena said:

    i think that you should send the card to this girl, to let her know that you still have feelings for her, better out then in mate, wot if she goes off with another guy this valentines, it could have been you. go for it…..

  3. cohibasmitty said:

    Coming from a guy I think you may want to lay off the Valentines day card this time especially if you think she’ll take it the wrong way. Honestly, Valentines Day is meant for a boyfriend/girlfriend, someone you are dating, someone you would like to date and maybe your mom. I would recommend trying to move on and look for someone new. I’m sure she’s a really cool chick and that’s great to have a woman as your friend , but a Valentines Day card (whether it’s friendly or not) tends to send the wrong message.


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