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How should I give her this valentines card anonymously?

Hi! So I really like this girl, but not sure if she likes me. I was going to leave her an anonymous Valentines card telling her a little bit of how I feel and give her a small hint as to who wrote it. I was also going to leave her a gift, but I’m not sure what to pick. Does anyone have any good creative ideas on how I should give this card and give a gift successfully without weirding her out?
I also need help with what the card should say. Anyone?

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4 Responses to “How should I give her this valentines card anonymously?”

  1. Kathleen White said:

    Why not give her a candy buffet that could be a lot sweeter than flowers and unique as well.

  2. ci ci 18 said:

    awww thats so sweet girls like candy and flowers. u cant go wrong with that

  3. STACY said:

    You can always mail a card, letter, or telegram directly to her if you have her address. Otherwise, you might ask someone else to deliver it to her. The card should give hints about how you know her, where/when you first met, why you like her, etc. Good luck! If you need help, you should really check out my personalized letters from Cupid at I have a secret admirer anonymous one. Good luck! 🙂

  4. Main Man said:

    That’s cute that you would like to do that. If it were me, you should not do it anonymously, you only live once!!! But, if you want to send an anonymous message professing your undying love you can try a site like It’s pretty cool- you don’t have to send an email, just have your valentines email address, type out your message, plug in the address and she will get a notification to pick-up her valentine. you can get to the site at – good luck, I hope that helps!


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