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Should I give a valentine’s day card to my therapist who is a female?

I admire my therapist greatly and as a token of my appreciation I want to just give her a little valentine’s day card. Is this okay? Or not?

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5 Responses to “Should I give a valentine’s day card to my therapist who is a female?”

  1. mnl_1221 said:

    You may. Make it the kind of card you might give to an aunt or a teacher.

  2. Sufi said:

    i don’t think it’s appropriate.

  3. Jacinto Luis Loves Adobo said:

    That is perfectly alright. Have your girlfriend or wife choose the most appropriate one to be sure things are in control. Good luck.

  4. smallbizperson said:

    This might be misconstrued. While she may understand the spirit in which it was given, it might also make her uncomfortable.
    Why not write her a thank-you note, to be delivered on a day different from Valentine’s and tell her that you admire and appreciate her. It’s more professional and appropriate.

  5. AmuKuran81 ~♥♥So Kawaii♥♥~ said:

    It would be fine.Maybe you can have your sister help pick one for you.


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