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Is this corny for a Valentine’s Day Card?

or what if I draw a hershey kiss and write “kiss?” in spanish lol is that cheesey?
I’m doing one for extra credit in my spanish class.
I got an idea to make it look like a puzzle piece and write “you found me” in spanish on it.

Is this idea corny?

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17 Responses to “Is this corny for a Valentine’s Day Card?”

  1. toss toss! *** said:

    corny but cute πŸ™‚

  2. -heartbroken<3 said:

    hahah yeah but hopefully the person you’re giving it to will have somewhat of a sense of humor (:

  3. live laugh love said:

    ya kinda…sorry

  4. phelpsfan said:

    i love the puzzle idea

  5. Oscar|OZ said:

    No the idea is chocolaty πŸ˜€

  6. 12 holidays said:

    its corny but it’s pretty darn cute too

  7. yes. yes it is. said:

    what will happen if i say yea?

  8. pathfinder said:

    not at all Good job!

  9. Cyber Girl 57821 said:

    for class no

  10. THE $EXUALLY aPEELing BANANA. said:

    Hey, it’s extra credit, you’re still getting the points, so who cares????!!

    Escribes, “Te Amo.” ;D

  11. curious said:


  12. Diane Roseβ™₯ said:

    I had to write a Valentines day card today in Spanish too. She made us draw, color, and cut out a heart and write a persons name in the middle, and we had to describe them in spanish and what we loved about them. If it’s for extra credit, and no one serious, just do it. I wrote the most ridiculous things and when my Spanish teacher was grading it, all she did was aw the whole time, and I got a 100!

  13. Kool_K said:

    me gusta! : ) heehee

  14. The girl next door said:

    what i did for a card, is cut out a whole bunch of harts out of construction paper. Red and pink. Different sizes. Then glues them all together in the shape of a card. Then I stuck a piece of paper in it and wrote whatever i wanted. It was super cute when I was finished

  15. xoCallie said:

    i love the second idea, i think it’s clever πŸ™‚
    and no, i don’t think it’s corny.

  16. Tardcakemcrlover said:

    nahh it sounds cool
    you should make me one πŸ™‚

  17. aqila! said:

    aww how cute!its kinda corny but im sure the girl whos getting the card would want to kiss you after she read it xP
    sometimes we tend to get childish when we’re in love πŸ™‚


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