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do girls like it when a guy writes this in a valentine’s card?

okay i wanna send this girl i like a valentines card…….but im not sinning the card cuz of sum problems w/her in the past.=p………anyways i was wondering if girls like it when guys put song lyrics in a valentines card??? or they like more when a guy comes up w/sumthn of their own????

oh and any ideas on wat can i write in the valentine’s card???

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4 Responses to “do girls like it when a guy writes this in a valentine’s card?”

  1. Piper L said :

    if you’re gonna use song lyrics, use a song that she may like but with a deep meaning. girls do appreciate it more when a guy comes up with something of their own. it should be something that makes them laugh but is romantic.

    good luck.

  2. Honey said :

    things you think of on your own are cute.
    lyrics, i LOVE when guys recite lyrics to me 🙂 only if that’s what they mean and feel otherwise they’re just empty words and i’ll throw your letter in the bin haha

    whatever you write, make sure you mean it and it’s honest!

  3. music=lifeee^^^ said :

    its nice if a guy thinks something up on his own, but if u just cant get ur point across right lyrics will work just fine.

  4. *Skittless* said :

    I think it’s cute, romantic, and sweet. Come up with a poem like
    Roses are red.
    Violets are blue.
    I love the feeling I get
    when I’m around you.(:


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