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Should I give my friend a Valentine’s Day card?

She’s my house mate and we’ve known each other for a year and a half now. We’re get on really well, we’re together a lot and I think we’re mostly friends but potentially more?

Just wondering wondering whether getting her a card and maybe flowers on Valentine’s Day would be a really nice thing to do, or would just make things awkward…

Bit stuck here :S

Thanks in advance for any advice 🙂
Oops, yeah should have added that we’re both single.

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4 Responses to “Should I give my friend a Valentine’s Day card?”

  1. Yossi said :

    That sounds lovely 😀 I’m sure she will appreciate that gesture. It doesn’t have to mean love if you give someone something on Valentines day!

  2. Rose said :

    Yes! If she’s single, she’ll especially like it because she wouldn’t expect anyone to get her something on Valentines Day.

  3. Sir Didymus said :

    I say go for it, there’s no guarantee but there never really is.

    And I agree with Rose, do it if she’s single. If she’s in a happy relationship then give the card to someone else (but I doubt that’s the case here)

  4. J.D said :

    No. You will ruin it. Sorry to be blunt., but that’s my advice


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