What should I write in this valentine card?

I just got a valentine card to write to a girl in my class. But i don’t even know her name but i think she knows mine.
the card has a “To” and “From” thing. Should I write “From: My Name” and then i guess “To: The beautiful girl that is reading this” Anyone have suggestions? what i should write down

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2 Responses to “What should I write in this valentine card?”

  1. jennifer j said:

    I think what you said in your question is what you should write. A girl would be flattered to be called beautiful. Did you want to get to know her better? You could include your phone number or email address so she can contact you. The next move would be hers if she interested.

  2. csm said:

    to b on a safer side you can either write as romeo n juliet for the “from” n “to” OR “to = my lover” n “from = ur valentine”


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