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What should I write my gf on a valentine card?

Ok, so if you are good with little catchy, original phrases that are really cute – please don’t post them on here, I don’t want her to find it online – email it to [email protected]

Whoever comes up with the cutest saying will get 10 pts!


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2 Responses to “What should I write my gf on a valentine card?”

  1. Bubbly.L said:

    think of lyrics to her fav song or maybe do a harry met sally “i love the way you take half an hour to order a sandwich” etc . . . good luck xx

  2. I'm not frigid. said:

    Ok, make it sweet, but not mushy. Write a little poem on it, like this one “rose are read, violets are blue, but noe one is as sweet as you” or something. Mention something that you absolutely adore about her. I hope this helps.


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