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Would it be stupid of me to send a Valentine Card to my ex if he is seeing someone else?

I’ve written before about my ex who is seeing a married woman but, still telling me he loves me & still keeping the connection going. Although, I still love him very much & have hopes that someday down the road he will realize that I am the one he truely loves & wants to be with I have tried to not have anymore contact with him as much as possible. I have not been answering his phone calls, etc. & that has made him try even harder to contact me & I have caught him driving by my house several times I’m sure to check on what I am up to now that I am ignoring his calls. I don’t want him to fall back into thinking that because I sent him a V-card that I must still love him so it is alright for him to keep doing what he is doing to me with her. Valentines Day was always a special day for us during the 4yrs we were together & we always went all out. He is living at his brothers so she will not be there to see that I have sent him a card if I decide to do that. I would appreciate any advice!

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12 Responses to “Would it be stupid of me to send a Valentine Card to my ex if he is seeing someone else?”

  1. janicajayne said:

    Yes, it would be stupid.

  2. hyabusawife said:

    Yes, very stupid. It also makes you seem desperate.

  3. ♥ Follow your heart ♥ said:

    In your case its probably not a good idea. I sent my ex one but then again I am still very much in love with him and I dont hide that from him.

  4. happyxme said:

    yes its stupid!!!! leave him alone find someone else……GOD he doent love u!!! idiot

  5. Tc said:

    Maybe not u can send him a card but just as a friend address it as your friend________.

  6. becca5 said:

    i hate to say it but…..yes.

  7. Ashbone said:

    EEhhhhh…you can send a card-but something simple. nothing too mushy or anything mushy at all. then you would be falling into a trap. he will think that he can have her and still have you waiting while he is having fun with her-it would be like you were tied around his finger. you dont want that. honestly-if he is seeing a married woman-there is something wrong with him. but love is love.

    if you do send a card, just write happy valentines day. real simple.

  8. Jackie b said:

    What are you thinking? Your ex left you to have an affair with a married woman, yet still wants you for when she is done with him. Hmmm, that sounds like you are being played, and you know it, and yet you still think he is the one for you. Even if he does come back, he will most likely do the same thing with some other woman. Listen, you are certainly better off without him, and although it may be tough to be on your own for a while, you will never find that one “special” man until you allow yourself to get rid of this creep. He did not treat you well, and now he is just taking advantage of the hold he has on you. I’m sorry, but you know that is the truth. Just accept it and move on.

  9. Northseasusan said:

    No-but why do you say “i still love him” and then you say I dont want him to know that I still love him? I dont know; I guess spend the 3.25 on a card.sounds like you want to do it so do it.

  10. Imaka said:

    That would not be a good idea. Why would you want to encourage something that you want to finish? You would be giving very mixed messages. Move on with your life and find someone you can truly be happy with.

  11. onetime said:

    Don’t waste your time. Get on with your life without him. He sounds like a guy who wants his cake & everyone elses cake too.

  12. alicia7382 said:

    It is not right. Not only he has the married woman but he just KNOW that you still love him and just enough to contemplate sending a Valentine’s Day card.

    Really what is so special about a man who is fooling around with a unavailable woman and secretly trying to contact you behind her back.

    He wants the best of both worlds so don’t give him any more ‘love’ this Valentine’s day as he already will have it with his married girlfriend.

    Guys like him isn’t even worth a simple hello let alone a Valentine’s Day card.


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