How to send an anonymous Valentine card?

well i really like this boy in my class, and i fancied him for ages he knew before but then i stopped liking him and now i like him again.
i want to send him a valentine card but without him knowing its me because everyone will make fun of me. i don’t know how to do it because at our school we don’t have lockers or closets for our bags. and im scared because he will read it in my class and he will be like ” who sent this ” and everyone is obviously going to look at me because everyone knew about me liking him before! i was going to get my friend to give it him but i really don’t know, i want it to be a success not everyone laughing at me! D:

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2 Responses to “How to send an anonymous Valentine card?”

  1. pipman23 said:

    just give it to him, who cares what other will think..

  2. # 1 said:

    Stop stalking people.


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