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is it ok for a husband to send a valentine card to his female friend?

valentine quote ,saying lv u words etc

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15 Responses to “is it ok for a husband to send a valentine card to his female friend?”

  1. footballclubchelsea said :

    only if the wife dont find out

  2. Jed said :

    No. Absolutely not. Is he mad?
    No, no way, no how. He is MARRIED!

  3. Luv'nLife said :

    NO! Just ask his wife. The best rule to follow in a relationship is if one person has a problem with a behavior then it IS a problem.

  4. gy r said :

    totally man its the way of life

    men need more than one

  5. Animefreak20006 said :

    As long as your wife knows that it’s being sent as ” I love you like a sister.”

  6. yessss29 said :

    absolutley not under any circumstances

  7. GIGi1925 said :

    Not my husband! I don’t play that mess!

  8. Francisco S said :

    Hell to the NO!

  9. Tamara W said :

    NO WAY. Unless it’s his sister, mother, aunt etc…

  10. Alex said :

    Only if that female friend is either his mother, sister, or related by blood and under 10 years old.

    Otherwise, it’s time to have a face to face, if he won’t fess up, invite her to lunch, tell her you know about the card and ask her what is going on.

  11. ducky said :


  12. kat said :

    mm not so much.

  13. freakin_awesome_chick14 said :

    now read this question again………… u really think that ur wife wouldnt get mad???? wat r u on???? hell no its not okay!!!!! unless shes related 2 u, other than that NO!!!!! its not ok!!!!!!!!! ur seriously on something 2 think that ur wife would be ok with it!!!!! gosh!!!! idiot!!!!!

  14. Bet said :


  15. Lillia Gieringer said :

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