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Is it okay to send a valentine card a day or two early?

Ok I’m sending my ex girlfriend a valentine card, and before you guys say bad mistake well I know she still has strong feelings for me and was starting to fall in love with me. Anyway its a complicated situation as she has trust issues because of her last boyfriend, but I want her to know I’m not giving up on her and will always be there for her. Anyway as she has next week off because her birthday is next friday I think she will be heading home to worcester, so my card if i posted it tomorrow may arrive on valentines day but she may have already left on sunday night to go see family for the week. So I have sent it today mean it will get there tomorrow which is sat 12th I guess its up to her if she wants to open it then or on feb 14th. I just hope it doesnt spoil it arriving a day early but then she might not even see it for about a week later when returning. so what do you think?

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2 Responses to “Is it okay to send a valentine card a day or two early?”

  1. Joanne A. said:

    Go ahead and send it.

  2. Lucretia said:

    Just go on and send it. The important thing here is that you cared enough to send her a card and you are thinking of her.I’m sure she will appreciate your card and you ! Happy Valentine’s Day and I wish you all the best !


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