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Is giving someone a valentine card with skeletons appropriate ?

What kind of message do you think it sends ?

If you receive a card from a child with skeletons on it, what would you make of it ?
I know that if my child chose to sends anyone their thoughts, I would make sure it sends a loving message…

Your thoughts ?
Thanks Evelyn, I take it as a bit odd as my first impression of it…
Glen123, he says the oddest things at times and as a child his parents are afraid of him. lol…
cant help but get a strange feeling about it.
Oh marianne, that was hilarious !! lol
Im still laughing about it… ;D

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7 Responses to “Is giving someone a valentine card with skeletons appropriate ?”

  1. sculptress said :

    It would crack me up but that is my sense of humor. If it was in Mexico it wouldn’t be thought of as abnormal. Valentines day is something that is forced on kids and they are not the original focus of the day. Most classes insist that everyone must send a card to everyone else in the class. Most boys find the idea of smoochy cards as disgusting. The last thing they want is someone in the class to think that they like a female classmate. This is a stressful event for some to just annoying for others. My son who is a bit older was going to bring skull and cross bone sugar cookies to the class party. It would have big lips and be edged in pink icing. It would have been humorous (he is a preteen).
    The party ended up having a cake theme instead so I didn’t make them but enforcing pink and red hearts on little boys is not always a hit.
    The skeleton wouldn’t have bothered me depending on the message and the graphics.

  2. MagickSinger said :

    Ha-ha. Sounds like you have an very intelligent child with a creative imagination. Probably an artist in the making. I’m an artist/craftsperson. I did odd things like that as a child. The best answer to this is to ask the child, “Why skeletons?” You might be very relieved at the answer. Whatever you do, don’t panic. It doesn’t mean s/he needs to be rushed to a psychologist. This child’s reasoning will probably turn out to be amusing and insightful.

  3. Evelyn said :

    Well, it’s a bit odd, but maybe the child is “into” skeletons and the idea of giving a card with a skeleton is just a way of sharing what is liked and that’s a round-about way of squinting one eye, tilting the head and being thankful for the card.

  4. glenn123 said :

    IDK….it sounds playful for a child. I wouldn’t read too much into it. They might just enjoy holidays…and are particularly attracted to Halloween. Or they might like the shape; be interested in human physiology, etc. I would probably inquire as to the significance…but not take a dire stance.

  5. Benjamin said :

    Before such a question should be asked, one must consider the skeletons themselves. How are they portrayed? Are they scary looking? Do they look more cartoonish? Context is very important.

  6. Kasey Pink looking for SPRING :) said :

    I think I am more like you, and I’d make sure my kid sent out Valentine cards with *loving* messages, not skulls…lol!!

    It depends on the context though. I think some skulls might be borderline okay…I know I see a bunch of clothes in junior girl sections of stores that have skulls on them. Who knows? Maybe it’s a trend I just do not know about lol.

    Love and blessings 🙂

  7. marianne said :

    not if you’re giving it to an anorexic. but otherwise, i think it’s cool. is it a funny card? is it about a skelton lady sitting on a park bench with cobwebs on her and she says, “still waiting for the right guy”?, or something similar? anyway, i think that stuff is real funny.


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