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would it be appropriate to by your clone a valentine card?

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9 Responses to “would it be appropriate to by your clone a valentine card?”

  1. Leviathan said:

    Only if you’re gay and narcissistic.

  2. behr28 said:

    It would really matter if it was a friendship card…or a love card…

  3. JJC said:

    You would give your child a valintines card; right?
    A clone is just a child with your DNA

  4. White Rabbit said:

    your spare parts clone or your house clone? in either case it’s best not to let them feel too independent.

  5. TJD said:

    Yeah. They have Valentine cards for family and friends, it doesn’t imply romance-love, just any closeness. Your clone is akin to a child, no? But, if you were, like romantically involved with your clone…that’s a bit narcissistic/incesty and perhaps pedophiliac since clones are usually a lot younger than the original.

  6. Lordy Lordy said:

    Why/how would you have a clone in the first place? I don’t think you are ever going to actually run into this problem.

  7. just_acali_girl said:

    Yeah I Would

  8. GlacierDreamer said:

    Well, I have always heard that you cannot love somebody else unless you first love yourself… so that being said, it seems logical that the gesture would be acceptable… But I have to ask, is this REALLY a problem for you???

  9. maysimay2006 said:

    I thought I had heard it all……………


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