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what do i put in a valentine day card?!?

ok so in my class we are doing a valentine’s day card and
i got one of my sorta friend
[i dont wanna make it akward between us since i just met him…]
and i dont wanna put any stuff like
“it was love at first sight and stuff”
i need something like
you are intelligent. and yadadadda
and i need to ask them out on a ‘date’
but i cant use movies and dinner so
any suggestions!?
[oh this is for a foreign language class thats why i need like simple things like ‘you are funny.’]
-it needs 5 sentence
-im taking french

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2 Responses to “what do i put in a valentine day card?!?”

  1. ashamed. said:

    Well you could say ,
    “Happy Valentines Day !” just the usual stuff .. sorry this answer is lame. >< I couldnt think of anything else ... peanut butter?

  2. Kate said:

    Happy Valentines Day. You make this (what language are you taking) class less boring/more fun/ funny… etc. Wanna go (insert what you want to do on your date) sometime?
    -Your name.

    Simple and to the point 🙂


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